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    Seafood Processed Expert
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    • Contracting the Second Business Department of Guangzhou Seafood Group, a State-owned Enterprise, in Guangzhou Qingping Market

    • Establishment of Beihai Frozen Products World in Shanghai

    • Establishment of Jiuji Frozen Food Company at Zhoukouzui Wharf

    • Establishment of Beihai Frozen Products World in Hangzhou

    • Create brand "Nine & Nine(Jiu Jia Jiu)" and "Lao Ye Jiu". Develop and produce seafood products independently.

    • Establishment of Jiuji Seafood Processing Plant in Beihai

    • Establishment of Meishujia Frozen Food Company in Guangzhou Waterworks Road

    • Establishment of office building of Guangzhou Jiujia Food Co., Ltd. in Binjiang Road Century Building

    • The company purchased 56 mu of land in the industrial park which the municipal government focused on opening up. The factory area was 38,000 square meters and the building area was 25,000 square meters. It has four large-scale production workshops, B

    • The company set up a frozen food company in Guangzhou Haihe International Aquatic Products Exchange Market

    • Establishment of Beihai Zhengjia Zheng Investment Co., Ltd.

    • The company won the "Best Honesty Brand Award" awarded by the All-China Federation of Commerce and Industry Aquaculture Chamber of Commerce.

    • With the rapid development of our company, we set up a subsidiary company - Zhongjiu Food Co., Ltd.

    • The company independently develops the fish balls products of the "Nine & Nine(Jiu Jia Jiu)" brand.

    • He was awarded the title of "Guangdong Fisheries Chamber of Commerce - Second Governing Unit" by Guangdong Fisheries Chamber of Commerce.

    • According to the development, the company relocated its marketing headquarters to Block B3, Fifth Floor, Nanhai River International Aquatic Trade Market, Huadi Avenue, Liwan District.

    • In response to market needs, the company established brand "Yu-bo", and established six marketing channels of strategic planning.

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