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    Seafood Processed Expert
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    Marketing Center

    Marketing Center

    Guangzhou Jiujiajiu Food Co., Ltd. is a diversified food company, founded in 1995, with its marketing headquarters in Guangzhou.

    The company is subordinate to Jiujiajiu Food Co., Ltd., Zhongjiu Food Co., Ltd. two food sales subsidiaries, and a Jiujiajiu Food Production Company.

    The production factory is located in Beihai, an open coastal city on the northeast coast of Beibu Gulf, the southernmost tip of Guangxi. In the industrial parks that the municipal government focuses on opening up to the outside world, the group designs and builds factories on the basis of foreign trade exports. The factory covers an area of 56 Mu and has many large-scale production workshops. It also introduces advanced automatic production equipment for quick-frozen fish balls and seafood production and processing lines from abroad.

    In strict accordance with HACCP food hygiene management system, GMP production operation specifications and SSOP hygiene standard control procedures, the company implements early warning and control on production, processing, packaging, refrigeration, transportation, sales and other links and key points that may cause pollution, thus realizing the food safety system from "factory to table".

    The company's "Jiujialong" and "Fish Broadcasting" brand products are sold all over the country and Southeast Asia. Established a network-wide system with business channel, wholesale channel, catering channel, gift group purchase channel, franchise chain channel, e-commerce channel as the main channel.

    Business Philosophy

    Enterprises adhering to the production concept of "manufacturing balanced nutrition, green and healthy food" and creating the enterprise vision of "trustworthy high-end frozen food providers".

    Focusing on the four industrial chains of high-end fish balls, deep processing of seafood, fast food conditioning food and leisure food, we constantly learn and introduce new technologies, new technologies and new equipment at home and abroad to provide consumers around the world with nutritional prices of convenience, safety and health, green environmental protection and drug-free, pollution-free and pollution-free. High value frozen food.

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