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    Seafood Processed Expert
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    Envisioned Future

    The company follow to the concept of "making nutritionally balanced, eco and healthy food".

    Around the four major industrial chains of high-end fish balls, fast food conditioning food and leisure food, we constantly absorb and introduce new technologies and new equipment at home and abroad to provide consumers around the world with high nutritional value food. Concept such as - food not just ready-to-eat but also safe and healthy, eco-friendly packaging and etc. The most reliable high-end frozen food with high market share.

    At the beginning of its founding, Jiu Jia Jiu guided the fashion trend of diet consumption with the business concept of "R&D guides consumption, innovation realizes value", unique R&D inspiration and humanized thinking mode.

    Through the integration of industry resources, relying on the scientific direction of product research and development and strong quality control, we have achieved remarkable results.
    Promoting enterprises to move forward on the road of rapid development, we will adhere to the enterprise spirit of "cooperation, innovation, diligence, transcendence" to disseminate healthy food diet culture and help customers to improve their profitability, make unremitting efforts to provide more high-quality products, and adhere to the enterprise concept of "honesty, business, win-win and long-term survival" and the industry. Friends to establish a broader, longer-term cooperative relationship, in order to achieve the goal of becoming a well-known food enterprises and strive!

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